Saturday, 6 March 2010

The strange case of η²

“Skating ducks” in Schloßhofstraße, Bielefeld

Last night I’ve spent a couple of hours fighting with LaTeX fonts.

It all began because the APA manual does not like italicized greek letters.

Well, not a big issue until you have to report an effect size, that is usually represented by the greek letter eta (η²). In fact, in order to produce an η² in LaTeX, you must be in math mode ($...$). Unfortunately, this mode transforms everything in italics.

The solution consists in using the up version of the letter (\etaup), so that it will not be printed in italic. Thus instead of writing


you should use


In order to write greek letters in up mode, you must have loaded the txfont package into your LaTeX distribution. The version I have used (for MikTeX 2.4) can be downloaded here. Simply save file in your MiKTeX directory and use the Package Manager to install it.


Pakin, S. (2009). The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List. PDF

Guiggiani, M. & Mori, L. (2008). Consigli su come scrivere le formule matematiche.


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