Saturday, 6 March 2010

The “not so secret” recipe for perfect meringues

Meringues - Third attempt

The secret for preparing perfect meringues is to combine several little tips that all together contribute to make this recipe quite easy, also for unexperienced chefs.


  • 3 eggs (only the white, not the yolk)
  • 250 gr. of powder sugar


- whisk the the eggs with the sugar

- once the whites are beaten into a firm and smooth foam, make some small mountain out of it and stick them in the (pre heated) oven. I would recommend to put oven paper on the tray.

  • 100 ℃ (but even lower it is ok) for 45 minutes
  • leave meringues to cool down before to serve

Now let´s move to the tips...

FIRST: use fresh eggs

SECOND: do not use cold eggs. So, do not put them in the fridge (best) or at least take them out some hour before use them

THIRD: use a glass bow to beat the eggs, not a plastic one

FOURTH: always use the same whisking speed and direction

FIFTH: check that nothing apart the white part of the egg is in the bow before whisking.

SIXTH: remember that meringues must not cook, but only dry, so keep the oven temperature very low

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